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The physical manifestation of my midlife crisis; or, ‘it’s time for a little break’

May 4, 2011

Comments, answered!

Keely – We (our old high school friends, for those outside the circle of trust) lived and breathed each other’s lives for 6 of the most formative years of our existence.  I still want to pass a note to everyone in World History class whenever Jen and I make out.  It makes catching up a breeze, doesn’t it?

Wade – It DID feel a lot like a victory, the more I thought of it.  No time out, AND she had a great time at dinner telling stories.  I rock.

Steve – You fly a big computer, c’mon.  I keep sitting my kids in front of my 737 courseware, and they KEEP FAILING the self-assessments.  So, you win on that.  And we have ping pong at work, so I still get my fix.  Don’t practice my profiles while I play, anymore, though.  (gear up, speed mode, max thrust, bug v2, heading select and half bank on….I STILL REMEMBER A V1 CUT!)

Lori – Agreed…the two’s = easy, the three’2 = hell on earth.  Okay, that’s going a bit far…challenging, how about that?  And yes, your husband is full of surprisingly delightful book recommendations with nasty words in the title.

Ruben – your version of scorekeeping did indeed make me nauseous.  Maybe you could ratchet up the confrontation level a bit?  Jen and I sometimes steal chores from each other, just to try and get more points.  If she’s not careful when doing the dishes, I’ll box her out from the sink (high school basketball skills finally coming in handy) and take the credit for it. 


One more night until Thursday, and Thursday night is when Sneaky Pete and the Textiles, featuring myself on drums, is playing their first/last/only set at Whiskey Junction.  Come check us out if you have no bleeding in your ears but would like to start some.  We’ll be on around 9:30ish.  I’m starting to be a little nervous for this.


Finally, I’m going to take a bit of time off.  Probably about a week.  I’m getting burned out a little bit, so there is that, BUT….(and this is the exciting part)…there is some work being done on redesigning the blog.  In a good way.  Huzzah.  So, stop checking here for a bit, come back, oh, next Friday, and we’ll be back, and the shnazzy-factor will be ratcheted up a bit.  Have a lovely week, peeps.


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